South American Sales, LLC (SAS) was formed in July 1999.

A highly focused and organized network of dealers and distributors, offering a conduit for distribution of Premium Electronic and Professional Audio Brands, into this marketplace.

Our objectives are and have been, and continue to be; Creative, Innovative and Performance – Sales, Marketing, Training, and Servicing for our Dealer and Distribution network in the region.

Sell and Market the Brands we carry, in the way the Brands intend 

Directed by Joe Fusco, with over 37 years of CE experience; SAS brings a wealth of accumulated knowledge, experience and ideas developed at companies like Sony, Sansui and Harman; premier companies in the Consumer Electronics market.

SAS is your conduit for Sales and Distribution in the Latin American Market

Our Services

We develop our sales force, coordinate sales operations, and implement sales techniques that allow us to consistently hit, and even surpass, the brands purchases/sales targets.

We provide sales and marketing strategies and we work close to our customer to build audience and spread awareness.

We take very seriously the process of taking, process, tracking and satisfying purchase orders for our customers.

We offer to local partners the chance to get product trainings (and also webinars) to make them aware and ready to perform in sales.

We plan, implement, and control the forward and reverse flow and storage of products, and related information between the point of origin and the point of consumption in order to meet our customer’s requirements.

Our team arrange special events for the local dealers to show the new products and increase interest in the brand.

Brand Management

  • New Product Launches

  • Local Events

  • Forecasting

  • Transition Planning

  • Promotional Calendar

  • Sell-in  Sell-out

  • In Country Sales Team